Reverse Chronic Illnesses – Dr.Ashwani Garg (Author)

Dr. Ashwani Garg A well-known functional medicine doctor based in Bangalore who specialises in General Physician. He has over 6 years of experience practising medicine in various hospitals and clinics. He specialises in Irritable Bowel Syndrome ( IBS ) Treatment, Diabetes Management and more diseases and conditions.“ Understand how not to get diseased with Chronic … Read more

Kefir Milk Tastes Weird, Bad, Spoilt, or Yeasty? Easy Steps to Solve

Does your milk kefir taste abnormal or different? Is the milk kefir grains spoilt or gone bad? You will have various experiences with milk kefir fermentation, sometimes kefir may taste weird, spoilt kind, yeasty or slight bitter. We should keep in mind, kefir is a balance of good bacteria and good yeast. Sometimes the yeast … Read more

Read How Kefir Helps to Heal IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

What is IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is one of the most common gastrointestinal problem for people with improper food habits and leading stressful (fear, anger, guilt, performance oriented) lifestyle. IBS is a condition or a acute discomfort in stomach area, combined with symptoms like excessive flatulence (gas release), stomach bloating, … Read more

Why Kefir Grains are Disappearing or not Multiplying? Looks Smaller in Size? Seasoned Advice!

Although milk kefir grains often multiply, nobody can necessarily guarantee that they will multiply in a similar pattern in every given atmosphere or sometime it may gradually disappear within few days. The growth ultimately depends on mainly on culturing environment, quality of milk (chemical or antibiotic free milk), climatic conditions, room temperature, milk fat & … Read more

Testimonials & Reviews – Heal Your Gut, Bangalore (Kefir & Kombucha)

Dr.Veena Srivastava, Bangalore (Scientist, Microbiologist & Nutritionist) Email sent on Date: Jun 30, 2020 I was diagnosed with idiopathic interstitial lung disease in 2014, with only about 56% lung capacity left. I was told by Head of pulmonary department, St.John’s Hospital, that maximum lifespan of ILD patients is 3 to 5yrs, there was no cure or … Read more

How Kefir Promotes Weight Loss – HYG, Bangalore

In our modern society, obesity and poor eating habits are rife at every turn. Not to mention, the population seems to be ignorant of what they put on their tables and mouths subsequently. Obesity and rapid weight gain comes with it dangers of developing chronic ailments like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, which are on the … Read more

How to make Coconut Water Kefir at home? HYG Bangalore

Coconut water kefir is a delicious probiotic water kefir with beneficial electrolytes, enzymes, mineral rich, B-vitamins, cytokinins that promote healthy cell functioning and nutrients. It is easily prepared with just tender coconut water and kefir grains. How does it taste? Coconut water has a naturally fizzy taste, vinegary and mildly sweet (if sugar added) that … Read more

How to make Coconut Milk Kefir? Step by Step Guide

For people who want to avoid dairy kefir can easily prepare non-dairy “Coconut Milk Kefir” at home. (Option 2 is complete dairy free) Option 1*: Using Milk Kefir Grains (minimal dairy) Use a whole coconut white flesh, extract the coconut milk using blender/mixer, slightly water can be used while extracting. Pour the coconut milk to … Read more

Coconut Kefir & Milk Kefir Gut Health & Autism

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a condition characterized by challenges with verbal and nonverbal communication, social skills development, and certain repetitive behaviors. A point of note is that there is no one type but a series of autism disorders caused by different combinations including genetic and environmental aspects. Hence, the term, autism is a spectrum … Read more

Kefir helps in Allergies – Asthma, Cold, Sneezing, Skin Allergy & Rashes

Kefir helps in Allergies – Asthma, Cold, Sneezing, Skin Allergy & Rashes Instances of allergic diseases have risen in the world at a constant pace and soon becoming alarming, such diseases include skin allergies and asthma. Allergies usually develop early in life, with most cases reporting as early as 2 years. Albeit, these allergies develop … Read more