Welcome to Heal Your Gut! We are family based producers of the authentic fermented milk drinks made from fresh A2 Milk from real kefir grains. Our kefir grains are grown and nourished with pure rich A2 milk of native desi grassfed cows milk from our farm in Sakleshpur, the foothills of lush western ghats.

Why choose us?
Fermenting real kefir grains is a skill that we have been developing since we began in 2012. We believe our milk kefir drinks are delicious and pure goodness, thriving with gut-friendly bacteria. Our original milk kefir taste is slightly sour, rich in cream and always refreshing! Our Kefir is 100% natural, homemade, sugar free and gluten free!

We share the original real kefir grains to people who are interested to start their own batches at home, and we provide all the possible assistance and support required to ferment.

You can see our daughter Disha fermenting in this below video –

Our Bangalore Address

No.34, Blessing Garden Layout, Byrathi, 3rd Block, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560077

Phone & Whatsapp Support: 8277718123

Email Support: healyourgut.in@gmail.com