Premium Milk Kefir Grains (Handpicked Big Grains + Free Strainer)




You Will Receive : 1.5 Tablespoon Premium Hand Picked Kefir Grains, FREE Double Mesh Strainer & e-Guide Instructions
Milk Quantity : Upto 1000 ml fresh milk per batch can be fermented. Minimum milk 250 ML required
Milk Type : Cows milk, Goats milk, or Buffalo milk (Whole full cream milk)

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We treat our premium milk kefir grains with pure, thick and fresh A2 organic milk to grow big sized healthy kefir grains. These grains contain the highest strains of good bacteria and yeast producing smooth, sour-tasting and creamy yogurt kind of a drink. You can enjoy this tart drink mixed with fruits, berries, traditional Indian herbs and salt to taste (buttermilk). Milk Kefir is a good source of calcium in easily absorbable form and rich in good probiotic bacteria and yeast.

Here, we carefully hand-pick plump kefir grains for you and pack in a vacuum sealed leak proof pouch along with fresh A2 fermented milk for protection.

Shipping Info :

  • We pack these kefir grains live with sufficient A2 milk in a sealed food grade fiber container for seal and leak proof. We provide multi layer protection for its safety and non leakage.
  • Once your order is ready to ship, you’ll receive a whatsapp message from us with PDF Instruction Manual, Demo Video, To Do’s along with the tracking information. You can also keep in touch with us through same WhatsApp chat window for future assistance and help.