Water Kefir Grains (3 Tbsp + Free Strainer)




You Will Receive : 3 Tablespoon full water kefir grains, FREE Double Mesh Strainer, E-Book, Demo Video
Fermentation Quantity : Upto 1000 ml. Ratio of water and sweetner – 200 ml of pure water with 2 Tbsp organic sweetener, (organic cane jaggery, organic sugar, organic palm jaggery)

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Water Kefir Grains are a Symbiotic Colony of Good Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY) with a firm soft crystal texture of ‘grains’, which are not produced by any plant, but multiplied with heirloom original grains passing through generations. These grains will continue to multiply on use and produce an endless supply of water kefir drink for you.

You just need to add our organic water kefir grains to a mixture of jaggery (cane jaggery or palm jaggery) water, you will get a sparkling soda type of probiotic drink at home within 24-48 hours. Please don’t be alarmed with sugar content, the sugar or calories is not for you, the colony of bacteria and yeast metabolizes almost all the sugar during the fermentation process. This probiotic drink will make your gut feel good and healthy as they are non-GMO and gluten-free giving you all the benefits of probiotics to help you to digest food and absorb nutritions and also inhibit bad bacteria and its negative effects!

Shipping Info :

  • We pack these kefir grains live with sufficient jaggery in a sealed food grade fiber container for seal and leak proof. We provide multi layer protection for its safety and non leakage.
  • Once your order is ready to ship, you’ll receive a whatsapp message from us with PDF Instruction Manual, Demo Video, To Do’s along with the tracking information. You can also keep in touch with us through same WhatsApp chat window for future assistance and help.