Kefir Milk Tastes Weird, Bad, Spoilt, or Yeasty? Easy Steps to Solve

Does your milk kefir taste abnormal or different? Is the milk kefir grains spoilt or gone bad?

You will have various experiences with milk kefir fermentation, sometimes kefir may taste weird, spoilt kind, yeasty or slight bitter. We should keep in mind, kefir is a balance of good bacteria and good yeast. Sometimes the yeast balance gets more prominent when the external conditions are favorable for yeast to thrive more. When yeast is in higher side, it gives less appealing taste and spoilt kind of taste. But nothing to worry about kefir milk or kefir grains, we just need to get back the taste balance again.

How do we again get back the balance of bacteria and yeast, or right taste? Please follow the recommendations below, you will get desired results quickly.

  1. Use anaerobic fermentation (Use air tight lid instead of cloth cover)

    Instead of using breathable cloth (aerobic method) to cover the jar mouth, use air tight lid (anaerobic) to ferment. When the oxygen is cut off, the yeast which needs oxygen will reduce its prominence. Please note, the good bacteria does not need any air coming in from the outside, it can thrive well in anaerobic condition.

  2. Right proportion of kefir grains and milk
    We would recommend 250 ml of milk to every 5 grams of kefir grains. Don’t use excess grains or less milk.
  3. Keep the jar in cooler temperature room
    The ideal temperature for kefir fermentation is around 22 degree to 26 degree. If you are keeping in warmed place, or near cooking place, the temperature can soar and hinder the fermentation process. Find a cooler and dry place in the house and place it there.
  4. Change the milk frequently
    Feed milk regularly, when kefir grains are starved with lactose, yeast over growth can be seen.
  5. Fridge Fermentation
    It is good idea to keep the jar with milk and kefir grains for atleast 24 hour period in fridge. This can calm down the yeast and enrich bacteria balance.
  6. Milk bath for kefir grains
    If you are living in warmer places above 30 degree, or you keep the jar in the kitchen warm areas, the grains can get bit strong smelling and get a coating of extra yeast. So, you can give a gentle “milk bath” (rinse in a vessel and strainer) with a glass of fresh milk, and don’t use water to rinse. The excess yeast coating will get washed away.
  7. Optimum fermentation timing
    Ferment the fresh milk until you see whey pockets (air pockets) in the bottom or side of the jar, and immediately harvest the ready kefir once you see that indication. Don’t wait for complete separation of water, this can over ferment and taste unpleasant.

See if the batch has some abnormal fungus kind of mold on the top surface or the milk kefir grains have a shade of pink color or any other abnormal color. Then it is strongly advised to immediately discard the whole batch along with the kefir grains. We would recommend to buy well established and balanced milk kefir grains from good source and follow best practices to make a perfect milk kefir.

Hope this article will help you to make a delicious and best tasting milk kefir! “Heal Your Gut” offers well established big size premium kefir grains to prepare best milk kefir for your good health.

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