Kefir helps in Allergies – Asthma, Cold, Sneezing, Skin Allergy & Rashes

Kefir helps in Allergies – Asthma, Cold, Sneezing, Skin Allergy & Rashes

Instances of allergic diseases have risen in the world at a constant pace and soon becoming alarming, such diseases include skin allergies and asthma. Allergies usually develop early in life, with most cases reporting as early as 2 years. Albeit, these allergies develop early, most of them do not persist, however, some have the potential of becoming lifelong conditions. Studies have reported that a critical factor in determining allergies or asthma development in a child is, the complexity level and specificity of the microbes present in the gut microbiota.

Allergy Triggers and Reactions

An allergy usually occurs when an individual’s immune system reacts against a substance or substances in the environment. These substances or triggers are mostly harmless and are found in pollen, dust mites, insects, pets, insects, molds, foods and certain medicines.

A typical allergic response is usually inflammation, which is exhibited as eczema in the case of skin allergies or asthma in the case of lung inflammation.

Scientists believe these allergic reactions are the result of a lack of good bacteria in the gut.

Allergy Patterns

For those diagnosed with allergies, they can expect to experience an “allergic career” which has a general pattern.

  1. Eczema, usually developed in infancy
  2. Food allergies, during childhood years
  3. Hay fever, then
  4. Asthma, in your late thirties.

This pattern can be stopped right on track with immunotherapy. Through the consumption of immune boosting foods like the powerful probiotic kefir drink will attempt to help restore the gut microbiota and repopulate your gut. Moreover, applying kefir lotion can help with managing the inflammatory response characteristic of skin allergies.

Kefir vs. Allergies

Allergies developed have been indicated to be caused by poor gut microbiota population and kefir has been noted for its powerful healing actions against inflammatory and some immune related disorders like allergies. Kefir adjusts our immune system and keep it in check preventing instances of histamines which are the primary immune system compromisers leading to allergies, such as asthma and skin inflammation.

Instead of suppressing the entire immune system with drugs, kefir only works to help adjust the system making it holistic. Drinking kefir has also been shown to help with asthma and use of kefir products like soaps and lotions can manage skin allergies.

Both skin allergies and asthma are linked to inflammatory issues and in the case of asthma, kefir reduce this inflammatory that is disrupting the lungs and air passages with mucus buildup.

An unbalanced gut microbiota disrupt the skin’s natural balance and cause inflammatory responses like eczema, rashes, acne and psoriasis. Skin allergy management with kefir reduces the itching and swelling as well and the redness. Kefir helps populate the gut bacteria which further aids the largest organ in the body, the skin. Kefiran, the carbohydrate present in kefir not only assists the immune system but also improves the skin’s wound healing ability.

The live microorganisms present in the probiotic drink boost the immune system to naturally suppress these reactions caused by allergens and further aid in switching the body’s responses relative to allergy outbreaks.

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Dr Mark Hyman recommends lifestyle change and food habit change along with probiotic supplements to address allergy related issues. Kefir is natural probiotic food. Ref: