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In our modern society, obesity and poor eating habits are rife at every turn. Not to mention, the population seems to be ignorant of what they put on their tables and mouths subsequently. Obesity and rapid weight gain comes with it dangers of developing chronic ailments like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, which are on the rise.

This dangerous pattern makes weight loss a critical venture, yet not many are paying attention to it. Considering we are living in a fast-paced world, the convenience of having highly processed foods and sugar-laden products makes weight management an arduous task. Truthfully speaking, there is no one-time cure for weight gain or obesity, healthy eating habits, consumption of organic, unprocessed foods and staying active is the right path towards proper weight management.

Kefir and Weight Loss (reach optimum body weight)

Probiotics are increasingly becoming popular these days, well to be precise, kefir, a kind of fermented milk product is one example. Kefir can be made from cow or goat milk and it can also be created from coconut milk. Since it’s a fermented product, the lactose sugar present is converted to lactic acid, a similar process involved in making yogurt.
Kefir is similar to yogurt in many ways, but they differ greatly in the nutritional value and benefits accrued relative to weight loss. Kefir also contains less sugar and is imbued with more protein than other fermented milk products. It is also a good source of calcium, these features are what makes kefir ideal for weight loss.

Benefits of Kefir in Weight Loss

From the aforementioned qualities, it is clear as day that kefir is good for health. However, we are yet to see candidly how it helps in weight loss. Here are four key aspects for your consideration.

  1. Kefir Contains Weight Loss Proteins

    Since kefir is developed from milk, it contains roughly the same nutrient composition. It contains the predominant protein in milk called casein, which promote gastric emptying time. In addition, it also contains whey, another protein associated with weight loss benefits.
    Both protein components make us ‘feel full’, thereby limiting our craving for snacks and sugar, further promoting weight loss.

  2. Calcium in Kefir

    Calcium is synonymous with bone health improvement, however, it has links to weight loss. Increased calcium intake helps promote fat breakdown which in turn promotes weight loss. Calcium also reduces overall food intake by keeping you full for longer.

  3. Kefir is a Probiotic Blend

    As mentioned earlier, probiotics present in kefir promote a healthy gut, which in turn aids in food metabolism. Poor microbiota balance in the gut promotes storage of fat and increased calorie intake from your food. Probiotics promote fat breakdown and shift the balance of calorie absorption from food.

  4. It is a Dairy Product

    All dairy products are rich in nutrients that promote key health benefits. However, some people cannot digest them effectively. Kefir is quite different from other dairy products, it can be consumed by lactose intolerant individuals. Introducing dairy to your diet to lose weight is better than cutting it out.


Aside from its nutritional composition, the healthy bacteria in kefir are essential in maintaining a healthy gut influencing our bodies’ food absorption and processing as well as storage. Consuming Kefir promotes overall health, proper weight management aids in weight loss and further keeps depression at bay.

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