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A healthy, slim, shapely and fit body is everyone’s desire! Extra body fat and oozing muscles do not only make you look bad but most importantly, they make you lose confidence with time. Losing weight is essential to get a beautiful body and great confidence. While talking about weight loss is cake walk, doing the same is a totally different story!

Shedding those extra pounds is not that easy as it sounds! However, the ‘Kefir Milk’ is creating ripples all across the world for quick weight loss and its maintenance. Read below and find out the superb qualities of Kefir milk which help you lose weight in an easy way. Let us start with a quick glance at what Kefir milk actually is!

What is Kefir Milk?

Kefir is actually a Turkish word meaning ‘feeling good’. It is fermented milk containing grainy medium of lipids, bacteria and yeasts. Kefir milk is made from kefir grains. It is white in color and tastes like yogurt. The amazing Kefir milk contains good amounts of protein, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and several vitamins like Vitamin A, K, D and Vitamin B2 and B12.

How Kefir Milk Helps You Lose Weight?

Many studies have been conducted all over the world which show that Kefir milk helps you lose weight. Here, it is worth mentioning that you should buy good quality low-fat Kefir milk if you aim at losing body fat. Let us now see how this tasty drink called Kefir milk aids in weight loss.

Contains Rich Amount of Protein – The secret of weight loss through Kefir milk lies in its rich amount of protein. Protein helps you feel satiated for a longer time. Thus, you do not eat frequently. Naturally, eating in a balanced way leads to weight loss.

Contains Dietary Calcium – One of the main contents of Kefir milk is dietary calcium. As a matter of fact, if you have more dietary calcium in your body cells, the more fat gets burned than accumulated. In other words, the dietary calcium boosts the fat burning procedure and thus, enhances weight loss.

Contains Probiotics – It is a proven fact that probiotics do not only help you lose weight but also keep you healthy by strengthening your digestion and improving your immunity. Kefir milk contains lactobacillus, the bacteria which transform lactose into lactic acid. Significantly, Kefir milk is one of the best probiotic sources.

Increased Metabolism – By providing energy and different nutrients, the Kefir milk increases the body metabolism. The increased metabolism simply means more calories burnt!

Apart from weight loss, Kefir milk has got many other health benefits too. It improves your digestion and lowers blood cholesterol. It also helps you get a healthy glowing skin.

Try Tasty Kefir Milk Recipes for Losing Weight in a Tasty Way!

The best part of losing weight through Kefir milk is that you do not have to compromise on taste! Just try various Kefir milk smoothies using different fruits or simply turn to delicious salads with Kefir dressings. You will not only enjoy great taste but will also relish the feeling and result of losing weight in an easy way.

Kefir Milk is commonly suggested for people who are following Paleo diet.

We provide premium quality of Kefir grains to make your own Kefir drink at home. Kefir grains is just one time investment.

How Do We Send the Kefir Grains To You?

We send the Kefir Grains by Speed Post or First Flight Courier to your address anywhere in India. The Kefir grains are tightly packed in a container with enough milk for kefir grains to be healthy until it reaches you. You can unpack the bottle, strain out the grains and use it from Day 1. We assure you 100% about the health of the Kefir grains in transit.

Water (Coconut) Kefir Grains

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Rs.850 (All Incl. Price) for Water Kefir Grains + Free Strainer + Free Shipping