The Cauliflower Diet – By Radha Thomas

We met the author of the book “Ms.Radha Thomas” at her home, thanks for her warm welcome.

We were served with Cauliflower Bisi Bele Bath with absolutely no rice, one of her popular dish mentioned in her book “The Cauliflower Diet”, it was a fabulous dish melting in our mouth. We were mesmerized with the taste and happy to learn about the nutritional facts in the recipe.

This book has variety of recipes, a must have handy book for all people who are health conscious and food experimenters.

This book will be a treasure for –

  • people who are following Paleo diet
  • carb conscious people
  • diabetic patients who need to avoid rice
  • vegan diet people
  • all rice lovers, a new RICE
  • and food lovers

Please visit her “The Cauliflower Diet”¬†website to learn more about the book –¬†

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