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Ever heard of what Kefir is? Even if you have heard of it or are blank as to what this word means then let us tell you that Kefir is a super rich food made out of Fermented Milk. Yes, it is actually made up from Kefir grains, not like regular other grains but a blend of yeast and several bacterias.

Now the question is, is an intake of bacteria’s good for our body? The simple answer would be just as we take Antibiotics to kill the bad bacteria, Kefir comes with good bacteria which rather protects our body and very beneficial to our health.

How is Kefir Milk made?

The Kefir milk forms a base from the milk of animals like goat, sheep, coconut milk, or fruit juices. Then the Kefir grains are inoculated with these milk bases to form fermentation.

Kefir is said to be super rich in Nutrients value, so Let us understand some of the Nutritional facts of this Superfood, Kefir:-

  • Over the years, Kefir Milk has gained much popularity because of the Minerals, vitamins probiotics contents in it. It has now been considered as a Superfood.
  • Fermented Dairy products contain friendly bacteria called Probiotics and Kefir is among them having more than 30 kinds of Microorganisms.
  • However, a fermented Milk product, Kefir very much tastes like a liquid Yogurt.
  • A research conducted by the department of Agriculture of United States shows that Kefir Milk constitutes of more than 30 nutrients indicating rich in nutritional value.
  • The Kefir Grains Cultures consists of 10 or more bacteria & yeasts strains, which is quite high as compared to a normal yogurt containing only 5 or less.
  • Not a nutritional fact but a fun trivia as to Kefir word actually came from a Turkish world called “Keyif”. Keyif means “Feeling Good” post the intake.

After understanding the Nutritional fact, let us look at what benefits Kefir Milk can have on our body.

Benefits of having Kefir Milk

  • Immunity booster

Kefir as stated contains friendly bacteria, which plays a key part in fighting your body against the bad Bacteria and fungus. This keeps a correct balance thus strengthening the immunity system.

  • Heals Inflammatory Colon Problem

Kefir has proved to be much healthier for several people based upon the studies conducted all over the world. It is found to be Anti-Inflammatory, Kill bacterias and works as a natural detox to your body. Studies conducted worldwide have shown that Kefir taken over a period of time reduced the Inflammation in the bowel thus preventing from irritable Bowel diseases.

  • Alternative for Lactose allergic individuals

Those who are allergic to lactose, Kefir drink is the best alternative as the lactic acid present in Kefir digests the lactose thus providing relief as opposed to the regular dairy products.

  • Bacteria Balance in digestive system

Kefir Milk works well in fighting the bad yeast present in our body. Although, Kefir is also formed with a type of yeast but research have proved that Kefir proves to be good for the Gut keeping a healthy balance of bacteria.

  • Builds and Solidify Bones

If Calcium and magnesium are not in proper balance in our body, Bone density will reduce. Lower the Bone density higher the chances of Skeletal infections and diseases. As Kefir contains necessary vitamins and minerals, it keeps our bones healthy. It is said that 1/5th of Calcium Requirement on daily basis can be obtained with just one cup/serving of Kefir Milk.

  • Decreases Stress

Almost every other individual is fighting with stress every day, which is considered to be the root cause of all diseases. Kefir is one such rich food containing Tryptophan amino acid, which is said to avoid stress and make you feel more relax. For Insomniac individuals, Kefir Milk is the best solution as it helps in obtaining sound sleep.

  • Protects against major diseases

As Kefir milk is anti-Inflammatory, it manages the body allergies thus reducing the asthma attacks. The good and bad Cholesterol level is said to be maintained due to Kefir milk protecting against any heart disease. Researchers have also proved that regular intake of Kefir milk in diet kills the Tumor and fights against cancer.

Almost 75% of our immune System is based in the Gut (Digestive System). Therefore, the bottom line is, intake of healthy nutrients in our body helps in maintaining the good, bad bacteria balance in the immunity system, and if it lacks the required nutrients, our body will gradually prone to several diseases.

Availability of Kefir Grains

We believe in providing whole nutrition and a Homemade Kefir containing around 60 nutrients is the best option to buy. Purity and Freshness is what we abide to which is why we believe in selling Organic Milk Kefir Grains only. Also you can make your own flavour of Kefir milk after you purchase pure Kefir Grains from us!

How Do We Send the Kefir Grains To You?

We send the Kefir Grains by Speed Post or First Flight Courier to your address anywhere in India. The Kefir grains are tightly packed in a container with enough milk for kefir grains to be healthy until it reaches you. You can unpack the bottle, strain out the grains and use it from Day 1. We assure you 100% about the health of the Kefir grains in transit.

Water (Coconut) Kefir Grains

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