Water Kefir Grains

Water Kefir is a diary free and easy to prepare fermented probiotic beverage made up of drinking water, organic sugar or jaggery powder and water kefir grains. You can also prepare kefir with coconut water or fruit juice.

People of all ages can consume and children would love to drink this beverage, don’t forget to add some flavor in ready to drink kefir. Don’t worry about the sugar content, the sugar content is reduced down to a maximum level as the bacteria consumes the sugar leaving a fermented beverage behind.

Water kefir is a best alternative for milk kefir who dislike milk or allergic to milk. You can also experiment adding kefir grains to the coconut water or fruit juice to enjoy a exotic fermented beverage with lots more of minerals and nutrition’s.

Organic Water Kefir Grains

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The water kefir grains are made up of healthy bacteria and yeast in a symbiotic relationship. These gluten free grains are not real grains such as wheat, rye, oats, etc. When you compare with milk kefir grains, water kefir grains are more translucent, thick in size with crystal look.

How to make water kefir –

Preparing water kefir is a very easy to prepare probiotic drink. You receive Kefir Grains from us – (The color looks brown as we use organic jaggery powder, so the translucent kefir grains take Jaggery color)

SIZE of Grains: 2mm to 8mm

You need following equipment –

  1. Glass Jar
  2. Plastic or wooden spoon
  3. Cloth to cover the lid of the jar, and a towel to cover the whole jar.
  4. A rubber band to tighten the cloth covering the jar.
  5. Double layered nylon mesh strainer to strain the grains.


  1. Water kefir grains
  2. Filtered water (Spring water, Tap water free of chlorine and fluoride or borewell water)
  3. Raw Sugar (organic brown sugar) or organic jaggery powder.

Preparation Method (to serve one or two persons)

  1. Add 200ml water to the glass jar.
  2. Add 2 table spoon of raw cane sugar or jaggery powder and stir well until dissolved.
  3. Add Kefir Grains provided within the package and mix well with plastic spoon.
  4. Cover the jar mouth with the kitchen cloth and tighten with rubber band.
  5. Cover the whole jar with a kitchen towel and keep it unexposed.
  6. Fermentation will happen between 24 – 36 hours.
  7. Repeat the process for new batch.

How to drink?

The kefir is fermented or fizzed beverage, but it does not have its own unique taste. Even the sugar content is fully reduced, so you can add some low carb fruit juice to add flavor which you prefer. Once flavor is added, the kefir drink will be loved by everyone.

Some Flavoring Options:

  1. Water Kefir Lemonade – Squeeze one lemon to the Kefir drink after separating from grains. Serve cold for best taste.
  2. Orange Zest Water Kefir – You can add few strips of orange zest to the ready to drink water kefir and remove it after 24 hours. Serve cold.
  3. Raspberry Juice Water Kefir – Add kefir grains to 1-2 liters of organic raspberry juice. Culture 24-48 hours and strain kefir grains before serving. You will have to again put the kefir grains in sugar/jaggery for next batch.
    (If you are culturing for long period of time, alcohol content may be added, please make your judgement for culture duration if you are serving to children.)
  4. Grape or Apple Juice Water Kefir – Add kefir grains to 1-2 liters of organic apple juice or grape (any one). Ferment for 24-48 hours and strain kefir grains before serving. You may have to again put the kefir grains in sugar/jaggery for next batch.
    (If you are culturing for long period of time, alcohol content may be added, please make your judgement for culture duration if you are serving to children.)
  5. Coconut Water Kefir – Add kefir grains to 500 ml of coconut water, ferment for 12 – 24 hours and remove the grains. Serve cold.
    (You will have to again put the kefir grains in sugar/jaggery for next batch.)
  6. Coconut Milk Kefir – You can make Coconut milk kefir with ready water kefir. Please check the recipe.

Benefits of Water Kefir Beverage :-

Water kefir being a probiotic drink has a numerous health benefits like strengthening the immune system, improving the digestion, healing the leaky gut, curbing food intolerance (allergies), skin rashes, and preventing many diseases. We can list the benefits –

  1. Eliminates bad bacteria from our body – Kefir adds and grows friendly probiotic bacteria & yeast to the digestive tract. Also, inhibits the growth and presence of bad bacteria within our system.
  2. Strengthens our immune system to fight against various infections.
  3. Reduces various inflammation within our body.
  4. Helps in digestion – Kefir balances the good bacteria growth within the digestive tract and strengthens it, this helps our digestive system to absorb the nutrition’s and micro-nutrients from the consumed food efficiently.
  5. Cures and reduces irritable bowel syndrome, which includes bloating, flatulence, constipation, heart burning, body aches, nausea feeling, fatigue, and low energy.
  6. Restricts sugar & junk food craving in kids and elders – Kefir adds good bacteria to the digestive system and gets over populated and out numbers the bad bacteria. The good bacteria consumes high fiber plant based food, so our cravings will be towards the healthy fiber food only.The cravings and desire of sugar or junk food will gradually come down as the bad bacteria population is reduced, which is the real culprit to induce sugar cravings within us.
  7. Improves skin health and gives skin clear complexion – It helps to cure many skin conditions like acne, skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis, warts, moles, skin tags, and skin aging.
  8. Assists in liver detoxification – As kefir promotes proper bowel movements and excretes toxins efficiently from the body, liver is not overloaded with toxins from the gut, so liver can perform its detoxification functions much better. Also kefir contains many key nutrients that are needed for liver detoxifying.
  9. Strengthens the nervous system – Provides soothing effect on nervous system, helps people or children who are suffering from sleeping disorder, depression, ADHD and autism.
  10. Increases energy level and overall good health feeling.

FAQs –

What are the ingredients used to make water kefir?
You require filtered water, organic brown sugar or jaggery powder and kefir grains.

What type of water to use?
You can use filtered spring water, borewell water, or municipal water (you need to boil the water and cool down if it is chlorinated). If it is RO water you can add Blackstrap molasses to add some extra minerals, as the RO water may strip of mineral content.

Is water kefir as beneficial as milk kefir?
Milk kefir has slightly more strain of bacteria and yeast, but it is far more potent than other cultured products like yogurt or curds.

Is milk kefir grains and water kefir grains inter changeable?
No, you cannot inter change water grains and milk grains.

Can I use water kefir grains coconut water to make kefir drink?
Yes, once you receive the grains you need to add to sugar/jaggery water for atleast 2 days, once they are fully functional, you can transfer the grains to coconut water and culture it. Later for next batch, you will have to transfer kefir grains to the sugar/jaggery water to keep the grains healthy.

Name the beneficial microbes in water kefir grains?
Lactobacillus brevis
Lactobacillus casei
Lactobacillus hilgardii
Lactobacillus hordei
Lactobacillus nagelii
Leuconostoc citreum
Leuconostoc mesenteroides
Acetobacter fabarum
Acetobacter orientalis
Streptococcus lactis
Hanseniaospora valbyensis (yeast)
Lachancea fermentati (yeast)
Saccharomyces cerevisiae (yeast)
Zygotorulaspora orentina (yeast)

Is water Kefir drink a equal alternative for milk Kefir, as I am allergic to diary?
Yes, water kefir contains good numbers of beneficial list of bacteria and yeasts.

Does the water kefir grains contain gluten?
No, it does not have gluten.

Is this water kefir grains reusable?
Yes, you can reuse the grains any number of time. You just need to replace the water and sugar regularly (every 48 hours). If you are not using for many days, you can refrigerate with sugar and water.

How long to ferment each batch?
You can ferment between 24 – 48 hours.

How do I know if the water kefir is fermented well or over fermented?
The fermented liquid will look cloudy, light, and few bubbles can be noticed. The sweetness is reduced, slightly tangy and vinegar type flavor can be expected. If it is looks and smells unpleasant and tastes different, please discard it and make a new batch.

How to drink this water Kefir?
You can directly consume the fermented kefir drink by separating the grains. You can also add your preferred flavors like lemon, ginger, etc.

How long can I store the finished water kefir without grains?
You will have to store the finished water kefir in the fridge for maximum of 2 – 3 weeks.

How to take a break for 2 – 3 weeks from water kefir grains?
If you are planning a holiday, add the grains to the sugar water freshly made, air seal it with lid and put it in the fridge. You can come back and start a new batch. It may take 2 days for the water kefir to perform well. If you are planning for 6 months break, you need to rinse the grains thoroughly with clean water, air dry for 3 – 4 days within the house until all the moisture is evaporated. Please cover the grains with a net to avoid insects. Later, you can store in a ziplock and store it in the refrigerator for 6 months.

Can I replace sugar with honey?
No, we do not recommend.

How much sugar content does the finished kefir contain?
As the sugar is consumed by the bacteria, you can see sweetness is reduced for first 24 hours, later it may be bland and sweetless fermented beverage at 48 hours at same condition.

Will my grains multiply?
Yes, when the grains are properly fed with sugar and minerals, it will multipy. You can share with friends, family or dry store for backup.

Can I use metal spoon or metal strainer?
We recommend plastic or wooden spoon & plastic double layered nylon mesh for straining.

If I am making other fermented products like Kombucha, Milk Kefir, Yogurt, etc., can I keep it all in same place?
Please maintain at-least 4 feet distance between other fermenting products. But in the fridge, you can keep together with tight lids on.

What if your Water Kefir Grains aren’t growing?
When all the conditions are met, these little kefir grains grow and multiply! But what if your grains refuse to grow? The good news is that just because they are not growing does not mean that they aren’t fermenting, they do the job perfect. Taste the sugar water before fermenting, it would be sweet. Now, taste after fermenting, the sweetness would have reduced, tastes fizzy also. Then it is absolutely fine, even if it does not grows.

Some reasons for not multiplying –
1. Tempuratures that are too high and too low will prevent your grains from growing.
2. Not enough sugar.
3. You’re using the wrong type of water.
4. Low mineral content.
6. Wrong environment for them.

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Rs.850/- For 30 Grams Free Delivery + Free Strainer

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