Side Effects of Kefir Drink


Kefir is a fermented milk food product. It is mainly consumed to improve gut lining, immunity level, boost after a antibiotics dose, and manage cholesterol levels. It is one of the Possible Safe for almost all adults and children above one year.

How does kefir work?

Kefir is packed with of large population of good bacteria and yeast, it heals the damaged gut lining and improves overall health by populating good flora and eliminates bad bacteria within the gut (digestive tract).

Some Side Effects Reported, How to Overcome and Who can avoid –

  1. Rarely Kefir can cause constipation & bloating (when introduced) to very few people – When good bacteria is introduced to digestive tract where Bad bacteria is over populated, there is a bit stir within the system. So, start slowly with probiotic kefir, increase friendly bacteria gradually, this will help to out-number bad bacteria and build a strong gut.If constipated, we would recommend to consume more prebiotic food (high fibre vegetable) like elephant yam,  beetroot, and consume more water to improve the bowel movement and remove the toxins completely from the system. Also add flaxseeds and chiaseeds to add fibre to the diet. This will help to relieve constipation.
  2. Some can develop Acne?
    If some are sensitive to sugar in milk (lactose), acne may develop, it is advised to ferment the kefir drink for additional 4 – 8 hours (after removing the grains) until the last trace of lactose is broken to lactic acid.
  3. Pregnancy and Breast Feeding Moms can avoid?
    There is no negative reports as of now, but it is better to avoid Kefir in changing the gut system at this point of time.
  4. People suffering from AIDS can avoid Kefir.
    Since the kefir contains of strains of bacteria and yeast, it is slightly likely to develop some infection from good bacteria and yeast.